“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things”. Jean Cocteau

On my travels today picked up catalog of children who have realized the title of legendary Hollywood wardrobe director Edith Head opus “Dress for Success”. I found it in Oakville, home of Appleby College, need I write more? Tongue in cheek aside, looking put together can make all the difference in your own comfort and confidence when going into an interview or on a date or in your everyday demeanour. Looking sharp and smart will set you apart from the crowd, especially if you are middle aged and male in Canada because according to my shallow observations, Canadian men after a certain age seem to get stuck in a look that has passed its time, the visual impression they are conveying is –I don’t look current so my ideas aren’t either-. Even for men’s fashion (not an oxymoron even in Canada) clothes change in silhoutte, colours and cut so for the men who are quite lost in the woods and befuddled by style and fashionable colours, let me introduce image consultant, Angela Chiarelli of Inspiration by Chiarelli. She will identify your body type, what styles work for you, what colours will be most complimentary, audit your closet, and even go shopping with you.  Email her here. The same principles apply to your business portrait, a current, inviting portrait will do half the work for you on social media channels. A consultation with content marketing expert Patricia Martin may also be a step forward for your business, are your social media platforms communicating your message as effectively and to the widest audience possible. She can help you reach your full social media potential through speech writing, video and SEO. Find her at “Like us communications”




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