Business Portrait photograph magic

Business Portrait photograph magic was created when Paula and I met with Kathleen Hayden of Dreamspace S.O.S.

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  1. paula · April 15, 2014

    Kathleen puts the pep in peppy and lifts the weight of clutter off everyone’s shoulders. She definitely has a wonderful, capable, athletic figure and oozes energy and enthusiasm.

    Alexis and I went into creative team mode, as we fueled her up with coffee, edited outdoor jackets out of the picture, and gently folded in “out of the box” wardrobe items from a rack of boutique and personal gems. Simply moving away from one’s own everyday wardrobe “go tos” and re-creating the fashion look within one’s comfort zone is part of the transformation.

    Some of the first descriptions of Kathleen’s style included the fact that she hated clothes shopping, but her staple items were black, white and red. In fact, she hadn’t clothing shopped for three years! She did, however arrive in style, note the black and white checked Tommy Hilfinger fitted button down under the makeup cape. Looked great on her person, but would not have translated well in a photo.

    After looting around our collective bag of tricks, Alexis had a vision to fulfill Kathleen’s potential. Although the client felt that cream washed her out in “real life,” she was open to a few extra looks just for fun. The black necklace solidifies and brings her favourite “go tos” into the mix. The cream is milky and soothing, easy on the eyes. Suddenly, her eyes are the star of the business portrait, and Alexis, the visionary director.

    In these brilliant photos, she reminds me quite a bit of Sarah Richardson, the interior designer. But Kathleen Hayden of Dreamspace S.O.S. takes care of all that much needed organization and staging whether for an upcoming home sale, or just to keep one’s home efficiently stored and beautified. I felt that Alexis really brought out the femininity and strength of Kathleen. The sheer black, cream pin-striped, feminine blouse and necklace with architectural details really emanate confidence, an up-to-date style, and a warm personality.

    Alexis, you did it again! The stylistic and creative efforts start with listening to your client, and manifesting a dream portrait, that exceeds the clients expectations. That is the beauty of going to Laced up Up Imagery. The process is much more than great photography, posing and professional lighting. Alexis the photographer has vision, understands up to the minute fashion and can tailor it to suit either a business portrait or a glamorous magazine type shoot. She understands how to subtly introduce an “out of the client’s box” look for a transformation on film.

    Professional hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling, ironing, marketing, editing, lighting, propping, variety of backgrounds, directing, and inspired photography is what makes Laced Up Imagery business portraits, head and shoulders above any other studio. Alexis also understands how a specific target market wants to “see” the client. Maximum marketability is achieved simply by consulting and executing a portrait session with Laced Up Imagery.

    Portraits of this caliber are what every company needs, large or small, individual or group, to put a successful, positive image out there for use on a website, media kit, speech circuit, posters, book jackets, or public relations profiles. Kathleen has received tons of positive feedback, and is really enjoying the fruits of all the portrait attention. Her new image posted on social websites and media have garnered rave reviews! Congratulations on another successful project!


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