Lacedup Imagery: business profile photography + professional portrait crew (hair and makeup) serving Burlington and surrounding areas

Business Profile Photography Expert Alexis

Alexis: Owner & Pro Photographer


I have been working in photography for about 20 years. My love of beautiful images grew from watching movies. New York Times photographer Donna Alberico described my photos as “very beautiful natural looking portraits”.

My photographs have been picked up by photo collectors. I have been in art shows in California. Lately I have been following photographer Sue Bryce. I have been inspired by Mary Ellen Mark and Sally Mann and many more anonymous and well known photographers from the past and present.

Lacedup Imagery is about portraits. Headshots for actors. Photos for business cards. Photos for signs and cards for real estate agents. Social media profiles for Facebook that will generate lots of likes and comments. Profile pictures on LinkedIn that will be professional. Profile pics that will get attention on dating sites. Portraits for press releases. Pictures for websites. Photos as personal gifts to mark a special occasion or milestone. We are confident (even if you are not) that we can create a photograph you will be proud of. For most people, picture day is as awful as going to the dentist, but our goal is to make it a fun experience you will remember! Our checklist of the elements that make for successful business profile photography:

1. professional makeup application
2. professional hair styling
3. the right clothing (we provide tips!)
4. the right poses (we guide you the entire time)
5. soft lighting

You may be nervous and anxious but you will leave relaxed and confident and with a stunning portrait. A portrait that could make the cover of a magazine!



An experienced makeup artist compliments professional photographer Alexis

Makeup Artist


Paula Erskine Makeup Artist

A former model (although recently walked the runway for Vogue Models), Paula loves working with the clients to create a natural but enhanced look. She also has a charming blog Her solid writing on travel, makeup, and events around town has many tips to offer.





Tatiana, professional hairstylist for the ultimate look for stunning photographs



Tatiana Williamson Hair Stylist

You can find Tatiana at